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This Department is involved in the frontline research in synthesis, structure, reactions and properties of inorganic molecules and materials. The focussed areas of scientific activities are :

Inorganic Molecular Synthesis synthesis of novel transition metal coordination compounds, organometallics and cluster species, structure and reactivities, oxidation state sequencing and magnetic properties, transformation of organic substrates via metal ion binding.

Reactions and Their Mechanisms less common oxidation states of metal ion, metal as well as ligand based redox phenomena and rearrangement following such redox reactions; structural rearrangement in coordinated moieties including thermal and photochemical transformations.

Bioinorganic Studies functional models for various metallo-proteins and - enzymes; electron transfer in biologically relevant metal cluster; design and synthesis of cytotoxic metal complexes.

Molecular Materials homo- and hetero-metallic clusters capable of exhibiting ferromagnetism and extended interaction; thermochromic and photochromic inorganic materials.

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